Eleuthera Resort Activities

Eleuthera Snorkeling Guide

Pineapple Fields Resort is located near some of the best snorkeling opportunities on the Island.


Snorkeling on Eleuthera is a fantastic way to experience adventure for all ages. Just be mindful of a few things when going out at all times:

Tips & Rules for Snorkeling

  • Number 1 rule: Use the buddy system at all times, NEVER GO OUT ALONE. If in a group, be aware of everyone’s ability and appoint one member of the group to keep track of the entire group.
  • Do not stand on the actual reef. It can cause reef damage. If you need to stand, find a sandy spot on or near the reef.
  • Corals are living plants. We need to protect and preserve them. Do not break off pieces of coral to take home with you.
  • Do not touch the reef with bare hands to stabilize yourself while taking footage unless wearing gloves. Find a secure rock underside to hold onto.
  • If any trash is spotted on the reef, carefully remove it. If you can, take it back to shore dispose of it properly.
  • If a shark is spotted, swim to shore calmly. Stop, wait, and watch to see which direction the shark goes and continue on. NEVER panic.
  • Avoid wearing anything silver or shiny while snorkeling - take it off before going into the water. Mature barracudas are attracted to shiny objects. If you have forgotten to take off jewelry beforehand and you spot a barracuda that is starting to follow you, swim calmly back to shore and take it off. Do not attempt to take it off while in the water. Depending on how you feel, snorkeling can be resumed.
  • To prevent your mask from fogging while in the water: Prior to snorkeling, use saliva, baby shampoo, or specifically designed mask sea drops. Do not rinse out entirely or fogging will occur.
  • For a perfect fit, do a dry seal test with your mask. To do this place the mask against your face and create a seal by breathing in, make sure it sticks. The goal is to make sure you have a perfect seal that is not too loose or tight. A poor fit creates an unpleasant snorkel. If your snorkel has a leak valve, make sure it’s not broken as it will create an unpleasant snorkel. If broken, do your best to find a working one.
  • Most of all have fun and enjoy the beauty of our reefs!

Abiding by the guidelines above will help in the protection and recovery growth of the reefs. Thank you!

When to Snorkel - Tides

  • The best time to go in the water is between 10-11AM and 1-3PM. During those hours, the sun is in the right position for best visibility and optimal for any video or photography footage.
  • Snorkeling can be done either at high tide or low tide, just a matter of preference. Check the Eleuthera tide tables online before going out. If going at low tide on the Atlantic side, be careful not to brush your body against ANY coral when attempting to go over the reefs. To prevent this, swim around reefs, going over is difficult and dangerous.
  • High tide on the Caribbean side is fine but do not dive under the rocks at high tide - it can be dangerous. During low tide is fine. If diving at low tide on the Caribbean side, be wary when coming up under rocky shelves.
  • Do not go in the water if there are white caps especially on the Atlantic side. Depending on the wave action, it may be a bit difficult, especially when trying to take footage. Go when suitable for your comfort level and swimming strength. Wave action will stir up the sand making for poor visibility.

Snorkeling Locations

Intro - Below are some locations of where to snorkel around the island. Choose depending on the weather and your swimming skills and level of comfort in open water. Locations are listed from North to South Eleuthera.

Beginner, Novice and Leisurely Snorkeling

  • Going left of Tay Bay Beach, staying close to shore at Preacher’s Cave (Historical Landmark on Eleuthera.)
  • Twin Sisters, approximately half a mile south of Glass Window Bridge just off Queen’s Highway on the Bight of Eleuthera aka Caribbean Sea. Entrance looks like a parking lot and leads to an immediate foot path. Located North of Gregory Town.
  • Gaulding Cay approximately 3.5 Miles North of Gregory Town. Public access road right across from Daddy Joe’s Restaurant. Snorkel around the Cay close to shore.
  • South end of Sky Beach in Governor’s Harbour at Pascal’s (Sky Beach Club)
  • Close in spot reefs on French Leave Beach (Club Med Beach) on the North Atlantic side in Governor’s Harbour. Use any public road off of Bank’s Road.
  • North end of South Side Beach in Palmetto Point on Caribbean side. Take Sea View Drive at intersection (crossroads) heading south. North and South ends of Ten Bay in Savannah Sound on Caribbean side. 3.5 miles south of Eleuthera Island Farm. Turn at “Beach Access” Sign.

Intermediate Snorkeling, Feeling Brave

  • Reef just to the south of *Nix Cay, Bank’s Road, Governor’s Harbour.
  • Reef to the *North of Nix Cay - parallel to Nix Cay, Bank’s Road, Governor’s Harbour. Do not go out beyond Cay.
  • *Nix’s Point Bay Reef. South of French Leave beach along Bank’s Road, Governor’s Harbour. Walk over rock point at the South end until you see reef.

*Nix Cay and Nix Point are on the south end of French Leave Beach (old Club Med Beach) entrance to the right of the Lush Life property located in Governor’s Harbour along Bank’s Road.

Advanced Snorkeling, Spectacular Underwater Scenery

  • Knowles Drive Airport Beach. Approximately 2 miles south of Governor’s Harbour Airport. Paved access road heading Northeast towards Atlantic.
  • Twin Cove to Sky Beach. Good, long, challenging snorkel on a fair weather day. Prepare for drop-off and pickup.
  • Going around Twin Cove from one cove to the other - stay close to Cay. South of Twin Cove around the rocky point and into the northeast cove. Take inner reef.
  • Reef to the *North of Nix Cay - parallel to *Nix Cay - traverse south of Nix Cay, go around Cay and explore reefs cluster of reefs and circle back towards shore.
  • Snorkeling around the cays at the end of Lighthouse Point.

*Nix Cay and Nix Point are on the south end of French Leave Beach (Club Med Beach), entrance to the right of the Lush Life property located in Governor’s Harbour along Bank’s Road.

Eleuthera Satellite Maps is a great way to map out your reef route or you can use Google Earth. Printed maps with snorkel legends are sold at Eleuthera Island Farm where someone will be there to assist with suggestions and directions on how to get to some of these snorkeling locations.

Written by Rea Bethel