Eleuthera Resort Activities


Eleuthera offers something to do for everyone.
Let our knowledgeable staff help plan your vacation.

Water Activities

Snorkeling - Right off the beach at Tippy's, or off one of the many reefs up and down the Island, the snorkeling on Eleuthera does not disappoint. www.oceanfoxcottonbay.com or www.fishbonetours.com

Scuba Diving - There are professional operators and great dive sites at both ends of Eleuthera Island. www.oceanfoxcottonbay.com

Kayaking - Whether it's right off the beach in front of the hotel, in one of the coves on the Carribean side of the Island, or in one of the many saltwater lakes, you'll find plenty of places to test your paddling skills. www.bahamasadventures.com or contact us.

Bone Fishing - The many flats up and down the Island are perfect hunting grounds for this elusive fish. Whether you are a beginner or and expert, let us hook you up with one of our local guides. One of our favorites is Paul Petty located in Governors Harbour. He specializes in both reef and bone fishing. You can call Paul at 242-332-2963.

Deep Sea Fishing - The southern end of the Island is a great place to fish for “big game.” With two full-service marinas it's easy to charter a boat. For more info... www.oceanfoxcottonbay.com or www.fishbonetours.com or Capt. Erwin 242-422-9312, 242-334-0011.

Surfing - Whether you're a beginner or expert, you are bound to find some “tasty” waves at either Surfer's Beach or James Cistern Beach. www.bahamasadventures.com

Fishbone Tours - Experience an unforgettable boat adventure through the crystal waters of Eleuthera. The tour includes snorkeling, reef fishing, turtle watching, and conch and starfish searching. www.fishbonetours.com

Land Activities

The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve - Located next door to Pineapple Fields, the Preserve features over 171 species of Bahamian plants and more than 34 bird species and 100 varieties of medicinal plants. www.levypreserve.org

Ocean View Farm Horseback Riding - This world-class facility is located just a few minutes walk from your Pineapple Fields resort. Guests enjoy both trail rides and walks on the beach. www.oceanview242.com

Beach Exploring - If one were to visit a new incredible beach on Eleuthera every day it would take you over a year to explore them all:   Eleuthera Beaches.

Tours of the Island - There are so many interesting things to see up and down Eleuthera, such as Preacher's Cave, Glass Window Bridge, Ocean Hole and the Hatchet Bay Caves, and Harbour Island. www.bahamasadventures.com

Friday Fish Fry - Every Friday night downtown at Anchor Bay there is a local fish fry with delicious food and music to dance to. It's a great opportunity to hang with the locals.

Live Music at Tippy's - Every Saturday night, everyone heads to Tippy's to hear the best “Rake and Scrape” band on Eleuthera:  Black Belly and the Haitian Sensations!

Restaurants - In addition to Tippy's, Eleuthera plays host to many fine local restaurants. Inquire in the office for a list and directions.

Massage & Yoga - Kalin Nalini Griffin, Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor provides massage and yoga services for individuals and groups. For rates and to book appointments, visit www.tlceleuthera.com. Mobile: 242-426-9709, or kalingriffin@gmail.com.