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Best Ways to Get to Pineapple Fields Resort Eleuthera

Flying to Eleuthera

When making your travel arrangements , know that we are here to help you with any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Pineapple Fields Resort.

There are (2) international airports on Eleuthera:

Governor's Harbour [GHB]

The ideal way to get to Pineapple Fields Resort is to fly into Governor's Harbour Airport [GHB] which is located on the central part of the island, about a 20 minute drive from the Resort.

North Eleuthera Airport [ELH]

The less preferred option is to fly into North Eleuthera Airport [ELH] and take an hour cab ride, approximately $130, to Pineapple Fields.

Through Florida

There are several airlines that fly into [GHB] out of Florida, typically Fort Lauderdale [FLL] and Miami [MIA]. Silver Airways flies there on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Aztec Airways flies from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to [GHB] with a stop in North Eleuthera Airport [ELH] on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Silver Airways offers direct service from Ft. Lauderdale [FLL] to Governor's Harbour Airport [GHB] (www.silverairways.com) US (801) 401-9100 Bahamas (844) 674-5837

American Airlines offers direct flights from Miami [MIA] to North Eleuthera Airport [ELH] which is an hour's drive to Pineapple Fields. (www.aa.com) (800) 433-7300

Aztec Airways offers service from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to Governor's Harbour Airport [GHB] and North Eleuthera Airport [ELH]. (www.aztecairways.com)
(844) 359-2982

Through Nassau [NAS]

Once you are booked to Nassau, you will need to make reservations on one of three local carriers that operate 19-seat turboprop aircraft. There are regularly scheduled flights to Governor's Harbour [GHB] in the morning, afternoon and evening. It is a 15 minute flight from Nassau to Governor's Harbour. Note: These airlines can only be booked on-line through their website.

Pineapple Air (www.pineappleair.com)  (242) 328-1329  (242) 323-2420  (242) 225-1044

Southern Air (www.southernaircharter.com) (242) 323-7217  (242) 323-6833

Bahamas Air (www.bahamasair.com) (242) 702-4140 or (800) 222-4262

Tip: There may be times of the year where they and other small airlines cut back on flights, but turn them back on during season so it pays to use your actual trip dates and/or make a call to the airline if you are looking far in advance.

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